Vape detector for the home

Vape detectors for the home are a great addition to any school or commercial property. They are very effective in helping facilities combat underage vaping, monitor air quality and manage problem behavior. These systems detect the presence of vapor and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) from marijuana or cannabis oil as well as smoke from tobacco products and e-cigarettes. They also detect Nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide and particulate matter. When activated, they will send a silent alarm via text, desktop or mobile app notification, email, or phone call to a pre-defined list of people or groups tasked with incident response.

Unlike regular smoke alarms that react to smoke particles, vape detectors pick up a chemical change and respond by sending an alert. Because vape vapor has a different chemical makeup than traditional smoke, it’s more likely to trigger an alarm. The best way to avoid false alarms is to exhale downwards or into a cloth to catch the vapor before it rises, or by using a vape pen that produces less vapor. Regularly cleaning the sensor can also reduce the likelihood of false positives.

Understanding the Importance of a CO Detector in Your Home

Heat and steam from cooking, as well as chemical vapors like paint or cleaning products, can also trigger a vape detector. To prevent this, be sure to only use your device in areas where it is allowed and ensure proper ventilation so the vapor disperses quickly and doesn’t trigger an alarm.

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