thigh liposuction before and after photos

If you are bothered by thigh liposuction before and after photos unwanted bulging or saddlebags around your thighs and lower body, then liposuction may be right for you.

Thighs & legs are one of the most commonly treated areas of the body with liposuction. This is for a variety of reasons, including hereditary, pregnancy or other events that cause excessive accumulation of fat in the thighs.

Whether you have tried many weight loss methods but still have some stubborn bulges on your thighs or have found that you can’t get rid of those inner thigh workout resistant fat cells, liposuction is an excellent solution. It can give you a sculpted body, eliminating those thigh gaps and giving your thighs the shape they deserve.

Before a liposuction procedure, you will need to complete a medical history and health screening. Then, Dr. Abramson will provide you with a detailed liposuction treatment plan to address your unique body and lifestyle goals.

Liposuction – Inner and/or Outer Thighs Before and After Pictures

A thigh liposuction surgery requires little downtime and can usually be performed under local anesthesia. The recovery period will vary from patient to patient, depending on the amount of fat removed and your overall health.

The most effective way to reduce swelling and bruising following a thigh liposuction is to wear a compression garment over the first few days of recovery. You can also walk in short, gentle steps to promote circulation and improve the healing process.

At Rotemberg Plastic Surgery, we strive to ensure that your thigh liposuction is a safe, comfortable and rewarding experience. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and find out if you are an ideal candidate for thigh liposuction.

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