superbowl transportation

When it comes to superbowl transportation , the best way to get around is with a chauffeured car service. It allows you to enjoy all of the excitement of the big game and not worry about traffic, parking fees or other charges. Using a car service is also the safest way to go.

The NFL and local officials have been beating the drum since Houston was chosen to host the Super Bowl to encourage fans to leave their cars at home, ride public transit or take a taxi to avoid the congestion and crowds that would come with a large-scale event. They’re predicting that 65% of the expected 80,000 fans will be using mass transit.

Super Bowl Travel Tactics: Navigating the Routes of Game Day Transportation

Valley Metro is giving away rides on light rail for anyone who downloads its NFL OnePass app on the days leading up to the Super Bowl, as well as the day of the game. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices, and can be used as a mobile ticket by showing a QR code to a Metro fare inspector. The app can also be used to store the barcode of a purchased ticket for Super Bowl events at Footprint Center, which will act as a cashless payment.

As a backup to Metro’s 22-mile train system, local bus agencies are planning a full blitz of circulating shuttle buses to carry people to and from the stadium and the pregame festivities around Discovery Green. The buses will help people staying in downtown hotels and those with parking spots a few blocks west of the stadium, as well as those who live near the central business district but prefer not to deal with a game-day rush. Rideshare services like Uber and Lyft are charging a $20 event surcharge for pickups and $10 for drop offs near the stadium, which is intended to encourage drivers to serve the area.

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