Nicotine pouches are becoming more popular than ever, especially among teenagers and young adults who don’t smoke cigarettes. They contain nicotine but no tobacco leaf and are shaped like a piece of chewing gum that can be popped in the mouth discreetly in any environment, such as at school or work. These non-tobacco nicotine (NTN) products are marketed as being less harmful than smoking because they don’t burn and inhale tobacco smoke and don’t increase your risk for cancers, lung problems or heart disease.URL:

But they can still cause other health problems, and they aren’t an effective way to quit smoking or reduce a smoker’s nicotine use. They may also cause oral cancer and can be a gateway to other forms of tobacco use. And because they are small, can be easily hidden and may be shared, they can expose children to nicotine poisoning if they are accidentally ingested.

The Art of Nicotine Pouch Pairing: Matching Flavors with Activities

These smoke-free nicotine pouches — known as e-liquids or vapes — are a recent addition to the U.S. market, and they’re becoming more popular than other nicotine-containing products such as chewing tobacco or snus. Those other tobacco products do contain tobacco leaf and are therefore subject to many different laws and regulations.

The popularity of these newer products is partly due to aggressive marketing, including on social media. But they’re also growing in popularity because they’re considered safer than combustible cigarettes and can be used in places where smoking isn’t allowed, such as at school or work. Tobacco companies promote them as a safe substitute for cigarettes and as a means to reduce or stop using other tobacco products, such as cigars or pipe tobacco.

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