Proxies are a popular tool for users to hide their location and connect to websites. However, proxies are also valued by fraudsters and cybercriminals who can use them to commit various types of online fraud.

IP address proxy detection API can be an effective way to reduce risk, improve compliance, and lower the cost of fraud for businesses across multiple industries. While there are many ways for businesses to manually check if someone is using a proxy, the best way to accurately identify a proxy connection is by utilising an IP address proxy detection API.

Staying Ahead of the Shadows: A Deep Dive into Proxy Server Detection APIs for Enhanced Digital Protection

With a proxy detection API, you can perform live lookups of an IP address and receive the results in real-time. This allows you to take a deeper dive into your user data and identify suspicious connections. You can then leverage the results of your proxy detection to make smarter decisions when detecting fraud or analysing risk for transactions, clicks and similar user behavior.

This is especially useful for businesses that are affected by spam and scraping, which harm companies by stealing content such as product listings and prices from sites like Google or Amazon and by tying up valuable inventory in online shopping carts. A proxy detection API can help you block these connections and prevent them from accessing your site.

Using our API, you can choose to exclude certain IPs from being detected as a proxy by setting up filters in your dashboard. For example, you could add filters to exclude iCloud Relay Egress IPs and Google Cloud One VPN.

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