campground website design

Campground website design and RV parks are a great way to enjoy nature in comfort. But the experience isn’t complete without a clean, mobile-friendly website designed to attract potential visitors and convert them into guests.

The design of your campground website should convey your brand’s vision and values to campers, while also allowing for easy navigation on all devices. Here are some pro tips from outdoor niche experts for designing a campground website that’s both beautiful and effective:

Start with the homepage. This is where your campers will go first to find out about your facility and whether it’s a good fit for them. Make sure the site loads quickly and has a clear layout that’s easy to navigate.

Creating an Engaging Campground Website: Design Tips and Best Practices

Feature high-quality imagery. Use photos to showcase camping gear and campsites, as well as infographics and videos. These can be especially effective in explaining complex topics such as company values and demonstrating how your products are used.

Consider adding interactive maps to your campground website. These can be as simple as a line drawing that shows where each lot is located, or as sophisticated as an interactive map that allows campers to select specific lots and see photos of the view, amenities, and activities.

Campgrounds can also incorporate reviews and testimonials to build trust with prospective campers. These don’t have to be limited to third-party review sites and social media platforms, but can also be included in a slider banner on the homepage or on special pages on your website.

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