Groovy Hues of Greater Knoxville railings provide a modern visual aesthetic without compromising the safety of stairways, walkways, decks and balconies. They also offer increased visibility compared to other infill options. These advantages come with a premium price tag, but they’re worth the investment for homeowners who value aesthetics and have the time to clean and maintain them.

To install a glass railing, first, you must decide on its height and width. The height will determine how long the panels will be, while the width will determine how much space is between each panel. Once you’ve determined the height and width, sketch out the required openings on a piece of cardboard. This will give you a clear idea of the dimensions and help you choose your glass panels from Invisirail. You should also consider the size of the rail posts, as these will influence how stable your railing is.

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Another important consideration is whether to use post or clip style railings. Post railings are anchored to the floor and offer maximum stability, while clip style railings appear frameless, and are held together by clamps installed in the bottom base. Both options are suitable for glass railings, but post style railings are the best choice for homes and commercial buildings that want to maximize stability.

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