Whether you’re chicago skyline wall murals of the “I love New York” club or have a passion for cities all around the globe, skyline wall murals are a popular choice in interior design. These dazzling cityscapes are seen in homes, offices, galleries and even children’s bedrooms. They’re loved by architects, artists, photographers and world travelers alike.

The city of Chicago is famous for its sports teams, architecture and bold skyscrapers. Add a touch of this vibrant metropolis to your walls with a custom-made cityscape mural featuring one of the Windy City’s impressive skyscrapers. A chicago skyline wall mural will pair beautifully with sleek modern decor and pared-back accessories.

Bringing the Windy City Home: Chicago Skyline Wall Murals

Our collection of skyline wallpapers includes a range of images capturing the city at different times of day. You can enjoy aerial views of downtown Chicago and panoramas of the city as it lights up at night. The collection also includes a wide variety of images that focus on specific buildings, such as the Willis Tower (formerly Sears) and Millennium Park.

Many of the cityscapes featured in this collection are photographed on a white background. However, if your wall surface has a texture such as orange peel or knockdown or a painted surface that has been overstippled, we recommend using a product like Zinsser 1-2-3 to smooth out the texture and prepare it for mural installation. If you’d prefer a mural with a darker background, consider a dark skyline wallpaper. These options will pair nicely with light gray or navy furniture.

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