bluetti ac200 max

The bluetti ac200 max is the latest addition to Bluetti’s portable power station line and one of our favorites. It’s a great choice for anyone who’s concerned about using lead acid batteries for their power stations as it uses the latest lithium iron phosphate batteries which are safer, more durable and last for longer.

The AC200 Max has an internal battery capacity of 2048 Wh which is more than enough for most people’s needs. It can also be expanded with two external BLUETTI B230 batteries (4096Wh) or even two B300 batteries to reach a staggering 8192 Wh capacity.

This battery pack is not only great for powering your devices but it’s also a good size to use in an emergency as well when paired with a battery charger. The AC200 Max also has a solar input which will charge the battery under full sunlight and it can be combined with a 400W power supply to make the unit a complete uninterruptible system.

Bluetti AC200 Max: The Ultimate Power Station for Off-Grid Living

It is an exceptional feature that a lot of the competition doesn’t have and it really makes the Bluetti ac200 max stand out from the rest. It features a high-quality, resistive LCD display screen that gives you all kinds of information about the unit from battery capacity to charging time.

The LCD display on the Bluetti ac200 max is one of the most impressive screens we’ve seen on any power station. It’s not a clunky, barely haptic button screen like you might find on other power stations but it’s a real resistive LCD touch-screen that’s easy to operate and very user-friendly.

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