Apple Vision Pro – Spatial Computing into the world of immersive augmented reality combines the power of their category-leading platform with revolutionary technology to deliver a new kind of digital experience. Vision Pro is a spatial computer that can use the real space around you as the canvas for boundless possibilities. The device is powered by visionOS and features a see-through interface with eye, hand, and voice controls.

Capture and relive your favorite memories with incredible depth. See your photos and videos at a life-size scale in brilliant color and spectacular detail. Watch a 3D video that envelops you in a captivating glow and transports you back to the moment.

Apple Vision Pro: A Glimpse into the Future of Spatial Computing

Create your own augmented reality experiences for Vision Pro using the familiar frameworks of ARKit. Use ARKit to detect surfaces and known images in the surrounding environment, place virtual objects realistically, and more.

Apple Vision Pro makes it easy to collaborate with colleagues on projects in the office or field. Easily share a virtual copy of physical assets to enable better engineering, process simulations, and operational twins. Close the gap between real and virtual to facilitate learning, reduce training costs, and improve safety.

Apple Vision Pro is unlike any other product on the market today. It’s a true AR platform that delivers a seamless experience in which apps blend into the user’s surroundings and the physical world becomes the canvas for endless possibilities. It’s also a powerful collaboration tool that allows multiple users to login and interact with the device simultaneously in ways that are more meaningful than ever before.

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