The Corporate Observer Maria Sanchez

A study of more than 36,200 corporation employees reveals that two out of five employees want to quit due to excessive stress, burnout and work-life imbalance. Maria was one of them until she finally decided to take the biggest leap of her life and quit her corporate job. In an effort to motivate her fellow co-workers to do the same, she started this blog to reveal the darkest secrets of South American corporations.

A survey of more than 36,200 IT professionals in 33 countries conducted by a mental wellness platform shows that two out of five workers are at high risk of burnout, due to longer work hours, more demanding workloads and work-life conflicts. Similarly, 42 percent of IT workers facing high levels of burnout are considering leaving their companies in the next six months, according to Yerbo, while 62 percent of IT professionals report being “physically and emotionally exhausted.”

The researchers said the findings “indicate a burnout crisis in the technology sector, with bad consequences for workers and employees,” including loss of motivation and commitment to work, high staff turnover, absenteeism and damage to company reputation – not to mention that it makes organizations more vulnerable to cyberattacks.

“When this happens day after day, without allowing space to recover mentally or physically, the ghosts of burnout – exhaustion, lack of self-efficacy, cynicism and depersonalization – begin to close in,”  reports Maria.